GT's Kombucha currently unavailable

Raisin Rack regrets to inform our customers that our stock of GT's Kombucha Millennium and Synergy drinks is now depleted. At this time, we do not know when we will receive a new shipment after production was shut down because of the recent concerns related to the alcohol content in the products. Suppliers such as GT's Kombucha have yet to release information about a possible date for resuming production. We'll keep a close eye on the situation and provide updates when available.

Kombucha is an organic and raw product that possesses a "life force" that makes it unique and unlike most packaged foods. It's living characteristic allows it to be active even after it has been bottled.

GT Kombucha conducts third-party testing during production and throughout the products' shelf life, but according to recent reports there are concerns that some bottles might have slightly elevated levels of alcohol (greater than 0.5%) that occur after the product has left the company's facility.

Millennium Products is striving to rectify the situation while preserving the health benefits and quality of the products. Millennium said it won't consider pasteurization or any other methods that will make the product less effective. The company stressed that it will not rush to get the products back on store shelves, but it hopes to resume production within a few weeks.
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