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Digestive Enzymes

With more than 34 million Americans experiencing digestive concerns** – supplementing with a high-potency quality enzyme formula is an easy way to help support proper digestion.* Without adequate enzyme levels, undigested food inefficiently passes through the gastrointestinal tract without fully obtaining optimal nutrient benefit. Since we all naturally produce enzymes at different levels, some of us may digest proteins well, but not carbohydrates...or vice versa.

Enzymes are vital not only for the digestive process, but for overall health.* They help protein break down into amino acids, carbohydrates into simple sugars and fat into fatty acids that your body absorbs as nutrients. However, we may not have all of the essential enzymes we need for optimal digestion. In fact, enzyme production naturally decreases with age, which is why many individuals may experience more frequent digestive issues as they get older. We can still benefit from some extra help.*

While enzymes are produced mainly in our digestive system they can also be found in some whole foods like papaya. This unique tropical melon is more than just a popular food – it is a rich source of the enzyme papain, a powerful protein-dissolving natural enzyme. Chewable Papaya Enzymes from American Health® are the perfect “after meal” supplement® to promote nutrient absorption, immune health and gastric wellness.*

For an advanced, multi-level digestive formula with probiotic benefits, Enzyme Probiotic Complex offers dual-action support in one convenient supplement. With 9 active, naturally-based digestive enzymes plus 2 billion^ bio-active probiotic microorganisms, this award-winning vegetarian formula helps with inefficient digestion of nutrients, while promoting gastro-intestinal health.*

Digest HPE™ is an intensive strength complex of 13 bio-active naturally derived enzymes for more thorough and efficient digestion.* This advanced formula was specifically developed to help naturally break down difficult to digest foods such as dairy, legumes and cruciferous vegetables. Digest HPE™ promotes a "feel better" benefit across multi-food groups.* Our full line of digestive enzymes, including Gestazyme and Natural Pineapple Enzyme Bromelain, offer effective options for supporting digestive health.*

**Health Guidance. Accessed 4/10.

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