The Raisin Rack is a Complete Natural Food Store offering a great variety of grains, herbs, fruits and vegetables organically grown...
Women's Health
Do Women Feel More Pain?
Barry Carpenter, KDAF-TV, Dallas -- Amanda Thompson knows a thing or two about pain--she suffers from complex regional pain syndrome- a progressive neurological condition that impacts skin, muscles, joints and bones.  ...
Self Exams Important in Battle Against Breast Cancer
Columbian (Vancouver, WA) By Marissa Harshman,, The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash. While breast self-exams are no longer considered an essential early cancer detection method, health care providers say they still  ...
Anti-Candida Diet
Barbara Quinn

A reader writes: "I struggle with reoccurring yeast infections. The doctor gave me an oral medication for them about 5 years ago and I didn't have them for a year. Then my body started to be allergic  ...

The New World of Multis
By Vera Tweed Does your multivitamin measure up? The essential guide to buying this multitasking supplement. “Using a multi is a good insurance policy,” says Ronald Hoffman, MD, a wellness-oriented integrative  ...
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